EmoKey is a development, integration and gameplay tool developed by Emotiv that easily integrates the Expressiv, Affectiv and Cognitiv suites into any application in just minutes. EmoKey is included with the EPOC neuroheadset and can be used with applications you already own as well as applications that will be released in the future.

Whether it's casting magic spells using your mind or relaying expressions in real time, EmoKey links the Emotiv technology to your applications by easily converting detected events into any combination of keystrokes. EmoKey is a nonintrusive, lightweight, background process that runs behind your existing games or applications. EmoKey lets you create profiles that define how detections are mapped to keystroke combinations. Your profiles can then be saved and shared so you can use profiles that your friends have created for your favorite games and software. EmoKey profiles can be as simple as linking the Expressiv smile detection to characters such as ":)", so that chat applications instantly know when you smile. Or they can be as complex as linking a "lift" command to a sequence of keystrokes that trigger a levitation spell in a game.

When combined, the Emotiv EPOC neuroheadset and Emokey make your inputs more simple, personal, natural, and direct. There's no need for keystroke combinations or delays, simply smile or focus on a command and your applications respond. And EmoKey can be used to enhance any interactive digital experience, making it much more intuitive and life-like.