This Is An Article About Tan Le Who Later Became The President And Co Founder of Emotiv

Tan Le (birth year: 1978) is an Australian telecommunications entrepreneur, businesswoman and the 1998 Young Australian of the Year. Born in Vietnam, Tan migrated to Australia as refugee with her family in 1982. Tan commenced university studies at the age of 16 and went on to complete a Bachelor's degree in law and commerce in 1998 at Monash University . As president of the Vietnamese Community of Footscray Association, she made a number of contributions to charities and newspapers throughout Melbourne.

Tan Le is a technology entrepreneur. Before she joined Emotiv, Tan cofounded and ran SASme, a pioneer in providing SMPP platforms to telecommunication carriers and content aggregators, and one of the companies responsible for the creation of Australia's SMS application market. Tan helped grow SASme from its humble beginnings to a thriving company with thirty-five employees and multiple locations worldwide. Tan has also worked with one of Australia's leading law firms, Freehills.

In 1998, Tan was named Young Australian of the Year (the most prestigious prize for an Australian) and voted one of Australia's 30 Most Successful Women Under 30. At the age of twenty-one (year:1998), Tan graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce and Bachelor of Laws (with Honors) from Monash University.

Tan was a Special Ambassador to the United Kingdom as a guest of the British High Commission and Foreign Commonwealth Office, a Goodwill Ambassador for Australia in Asia, and a Patron of the Australian Youth Ambassadors for Development Program. Tan has been an Ambassador for the Status of Women since 2001, and she's also been appointed to a number of prominent Boards, including Plan International Australia, Australian Citizenship Council, National Committee for Human Rights Education in Australia, and RMIT Business in Entrepreneurship.

Tan is president and co-founder of Emotiv Systems.